Tony Fabo 13th zodiac GodSpeedScience™



1. The ultimate alter ego used specifically for situations that require one to quickly think as a godbody in a very chaotic situation.
2. Tony Fabo is different from all other avatars in that he is the “sum” of all avatars, including the negative ones. He is the one that “produces” the other avatars.
                                                         3.The 13TH Zodiac.


2 thoughts on “Tony Fabo 13th zodiac GodSpeedScience™”

  1. 1. 1st off Tony, the top Avatar as every fully conscious Being knows, is Never incarnate in the 3 lower planes so no top Avatar could be physically on Earth.

    2. 2nd not everyone is a fool.

    3. 3rd the Masters of Wisdom would NEVER allow an Italian to be an Avatar.

    Case closed


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