Throw on the Scully GodSpeedScience™

Throw on the Scully

1. The idea of speaking strictly from higher thought, regardless of who is listening. This includes using parts of the lit and concepts that the listener might not understand, but the person “wearing the scully” does not care.

2. Not allowing anyone to influence or regulate your independent thought. Pushing back people who are trying to “put you to sleep”, “Jump in the coffin”, or put you under the “Madden Lit”.

3. This concept comes from criminals who would put on a skull cap or ski mask before doing crime. The ceremony alone put them in a “by any means necessary  mindframe.

4. Similar to the “Bullet-Proof Vest”, but the difference is that the person with the scully is “speaking” instead of “blocking”. There are no lower thoughts, distractions, justification, or emotions involved when someone “throws on the scully.” It is pure power of judgement.

5. One does not have correct power of judgment until they have shown a large amount of mercy. It is this mercy that will eventually dictate when it is time to “throw on the scully.”


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