Thoughts From Sahu GodSpeedWritings™

Damn…What time is it.  Fuck that.  Get up.  Damn.  Tired.  Gotta piss.  Tired.  5 minutes.  10 minutes.  Fuck it.  Get up.  House dirty as hell.  Gotta pay that rent.  Fuck rent.  Gotta pay that rent.  Fuck rent.  Fuck.  Hustle.  Gotta hustle.  Rap.  Lil Wayne.  Gucci Mane.  Cd.  Bootleg.  Where’s that Gucci Mane CD?  Piss.  Right.  Forgot.  Bathroom.  Cd.  Cd.  Music while you piss.  Piss now.  Fuck music.  Toilet.  Pissing…

“Damn I gotta get some money.”

I hate niggas.  Fuck niggas.

Cell phone.  Finish pissing.  Flush the toi…fuck it.  Zip pants.  Phone.  Where is the phone.  Cd.  Right, right…cd.  Gucci Mane.  Where is the cd?  Gotta hustle.  Rent.  Cd.  Phone.  

“I gotta find this damn phone so I can call this nigga.”


Stack. Stack Stack.  

Sleepy.  Tired.

Found the phone.  Cd.  Call my nigga.  Gucci Mane.  

Found Cd. Scratched.  Shit. New cd.  Need money.  Balling.  Trap.  Money.

Fuck that nigga.  Calling my nigga.  Cd playing.  Phone ringing.  

Stack stack stack.

Bitches.  Hungry.


“What I’m nigga, I need some pills.”  

“Come through.”

Fuck.  No time.


Hang up phone.  Music playing.  

Need money.  Fuck.


Blunt.  No blunt.  Weed.  High.


Want to get high.  No blunt.  Sleepy.

Want to go back to sleep.  Gotta hustle.  Music sounds good.  Cigarette.  Fuck.  

Open cigarettes.  Light cigarette.  Breathe deep.  

“Fuck, I need some money.”


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