The Thought Adjusters GodSpeedScience™

The Thought Adjusters

1. Those who give off a frequency that “changes” the higher thought into a lower thought or confusion.

2.  Those who make you feel like you are crazy for studying spirituality.  It’s not actually that person who adjusts your thoughts, but the “energy” that is controlling them, that makes you adjust your thoughts to them, instead of them adjusting their lower thoughts to your higher thoughts.

3.  It is this thought that triggers the “Hide God Lit”.  Whenever you reach the highest thought of the day, something will come along and distract you.

4.  The “Thought Hijackers” are the “ones who do drive-by’s on your thoughts.”  “The Motherfuckers in Between” are the “smaller versions” of yourself (that awaken inside your mind) who become enlightened.  Once you understand the a piece of the HOODX Lit, it creates “the Motherfucker in Between” the conscious and unconscious realm of that particular lit.  That “Motherfucker in Between” becomes a target for “the Thought Hijackers”, who will try to kill him.

5.  “The Nixxa With the Backwards Clock” is the deprogrammer who reveals the first few secrets to the Neo Godbody.  Usually the cell phone towers will send the ELF frequency to their cell phone and distract the thought.  Many people are not aware that their cell phone and the mind travel on the same frequency.  So when the mind reaches a certain frequency, the cell phone will recognize this.  This is recorded in ELF tower algorithms.  This is what spawns the “Thought Adjusters”.



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