The Samson Avatar GodSpeedScience™

The Samson Avatar

1. The nigga who “puts himself to sleep” and (sometimes intentionally) distracts himself of knowledge in order to live a life of stress free and comfort. The typical, average working class black man. Hakuna Matata.

2. Samson will live comfortably with a woman who is getting fat. He will not put any stress on her to lose weight. He is content with being broke as long as his woman will pay for everything he needs. He rests slightly uncomfortable under her “lunar energy”.

3. Samson justifies his behavior by calling it “pimping” or “masculine”. He sees himself as a king, or a “real man”, not knowing that he is a fool with little knowledge.
4. Samson ties his masculinity to tangible items and people. His value is based on what other people think of him, especially his woman. Samson has low self esteem, but has tricked himself into thinking that his lifestyle is perfectly normal. He tries to find images and songs of art that support his lifestyle. Most Main Stream movies and music in the male demographic are geared toward Samson’s imagination.

5. Samson is subconciously trying to put himself in a higher class of people, but “stay true to his roots.” He is aware of the lower, middle, and upper class, but he hasn’t figured out that in America, all class levels are the same. The working class. Money can’t buy class. Samson has money, but he has no class. This is why the elite still do not respect him even once he gets a job because when is trying to “work hard” to “buy class”.
6. Samson usually has an addiction, whether it be coffee, cigarettes, marijuana, drugs, sports, alcohol, food, sex, religion, video games, ect. Samson has to overindulge in something in order to balance out his overindulgence of ignoring his higher thoughts, aka “putting himself to sleep”. It is usually in this overindulgence of addiction that he will see God reveal himself in a “half-cocked” manner and his life will feel temporarily complete. Samson is very insecure, but doesn’t even know it, nor will he admit it.

7. Delilah tricks Samson into revealing his strength, so he was easier to put to sleep. She requires access to his subconscious 24/7. Over time, he starts to see the world through her eyes and loses himself in her dreams. Over more time he starts to doubt his own dreams and strength and completely depend on her for his strength. This is completely against the Sun Up Sun Down Lit, as well as the Bullet Proof Vest(Mummified State).


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