The ODB Avatar GodSpeedScience™

The ODB Avatar

1. The notion that there is no father to a particular style ofcongruence or personality. This person’s particular style of personality is completely original.

2. The Godbody Avatar is known to have “no father”. The select virtues and tenants that one lives by were realized and manifested by their own experiences and self realizations.

3. Not depending on any other particular style of pop locking.

4. The Jeet Kun Do Lit is the philosophy that Bruce Lee taught to his students. It basically meant “interception”. Bruce Lee felt that it was important not to attach himself to any particular style. Instead he borrowed from all styles and made his own. The fact that there was no “father” to Bruce Lee’s style of fighting, would be considered The ODB Avatar.

5. Ol’ Dirty Bastard was a member of the Wu Tang Clan, who was considered a god in the flesh by Five Percent virtue. He called himself Ol’ Dirty Bastard because he often stated that there was “no father to his style of rapping”, which was unorthodox at the time.

6.  Due to mutilation of original slang, the gap between generations has stopped the “older gods” from passing the jewels down to the next generation.  This left the younger generation to figure things out for themselves and learn to resent the elders.  Where as the younger generation are more familiar with using technology to communicate, the elder generations at times make a decision to ignore the new styles of communication through social media.

7.  The ODB Avatar is the one of the figgas or other lower self avatars who finally made it to Godbody Avatar, despite having no one to show him how to experience resurrection of self. GodSpeedScience™


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