The Juice Lee Avatar GodSpeedScience™

The Juice Lee Avatar

1.  The avatar for speaking and dealing with white men, especially people in the criminal justice system.


2.  Asking questions like “Is he always like this?” when a person tries to belittle or condescend you.

3.  Asking “You’re not going to hurt me are you?” to a hostile police officer.

4.  Telling an automoton: “I know you’re just doing your job.”

5.  Asking “What did I do this time?” before being told what you did wrong.

6.  Talking to the “Motherfuckers in between” a person in the criminal justice system.  Hypnotizing police officers, judges, laywers, correctional officers, ect.

7.  For example.  When Juice Lee gets pulled over, he might smile and say something like “Okay, what did I do this time?  I know you’re just doing your job, so why don’t you pat me down and put the handcuffs on me for my personal safety.  Then you can feel free to tear apart my car searching for the drugs and weapons that aren’t even in here.  And when you tow it, please be sure just to give me my house keys so I can get back in the house after you lock me up for three days.  I know I look like a menace to society and you gotta do your job.  It’s whatever you want to do.”  He might not say all of this at once, but sentences like this will definitely come up during conversation.

8.  The best way to make a cop leave is to ask to borrow his phone and ask for a ride.

9.  Saying things like “Let’s suppose that I’m lying.”

10.  Over standing a situation instead of “understanding it.”

11.  Using Hoop Theory and repeat backs when speaking with white men or people in the criminal justice system.



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