The Jezebel Avatar GodSpeedScience™

1. The negative female avatar whom is locked into a world ofCCDD, tangible and material items and vanity in order to keepMason further locked into a world of CCDD. Jezebel’s entire life is manufactured by the Deceptacon, the mainstream and ,Vril scientists.

2. Back in high school, Jezebel was more attracted to Mason than Heru. This was because Heru reflected true masculinity. He did this by giving his father a proper burial and resurrection of self.  This is because true masculinity is reflected upon sacrifice and discipline. Jezebel found herself far more attracted to Mason because he was more impulsive and would appeal more to her impulsive side.

3. Jezebel’s father was not able to discipline or teach her how to make the right choices and to control her impulsive nature or make choices,Jezebel grew up under Southern Bell  Lit.  Because Jezebel never understood that she was supposed to resurrect her father through her womb, Jezebel  would rather physically or mentally murder her offspring and become “successful”.  She is a key to mutilation of masculine,solar energy, by keeping both her father and son locked into a state of CCDD.  This is because she never learns to tame her impulsive nature, nor make choices.  Therefore she murders her offspring by doing the same.  She may also physically murder her offspring.  Abortion is the number one killer of African Americans, murdering approximately two thousand people a day.  The most dangerous place for a black person to be is inside their mother’s womb.

4. It is difficult for Jezebel to make choices without becoming an exaggerator, putting her life on the line, WPSL, or the Desperation Lit.  Babylon Privilegekeeps her locked into a state of CCDD.  The mainstream helps exploit this through unreality.  It is her nature to go against nature and challenge those who dare her authority to do so.  Jezebel is commonly a fire sign, so she falls under the Wizard of Oz Avatar.

5.  Jezebel keeps Mason asleep through manipulation, hoarding tangible items, distraction and desperation, and vanity.  The mainstream helps exploit this.  Jezebel is a combination of all negative zodiac avatars (White Rabbit, Wizard of Oz,Scrooge, and Tinkerbell).  Because Mason has no knowledge of self, or the Bastard Language Lit, he is unable to identify or verbalize the problem to the point where he can find a solution.  Instead, he loses himself further into the world of unreality.

6.  When Adam was manipulated into biting the apple, he tried to blame Eve.  God told man that he was supposed to listen to Him, not her.  When he listens to God, then she will listen to Adam.  Like Solomon, because Adam listened to the woman instead of God, he fell short from the kingdom of God.

7.  Jezebel’s ego keeps her in a highly suggestive, responsive, and chaotic state.  Her vanity and ability to create CCDD is the seductive force that makes being an Agent of Chaos blissful.  She is a master of marital tic tac toe and Imma Get You Back lit.  Her Chesed and enthusiasm is built on ego, so she also may fall under the Source Code lit.

8. Jezebel never finds happiness because she has no knowledge of self.  She spreads mutilation between herself and family.  She attempts to fill this void with money, tangible items, sex, and CCDD.



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