The Isfet Avatar GodSpeedScroll™

The Isfet Avatar
1.  The physical embodiment of CCDD.

2.  Where as Agent Smith takes over the body unwillingly, Isfet is the willingness to  let CCDD takeover the body.  Situations like this include provking an argument, sexual  deviance including twerking and masturbation, premeditated violence, and Put Your Life  on the Line.

3.  Isfet is the natural enemy of Ma’at, which is the physical embodiment of divine law  and order.  Earth naturally wants to return to a state of chaos.  The only thing that  prevents this is Ma’at.  When there is no Ma’at, there is only Isfet.

4.  The evil written in the heart of every man and woman.  He attaches himself onto the  heart, clinging on like tar in the lungs of a smoker.  He knows the evil intentions of  the lower self.  He welcomes temptation of the desires of the lower self.  He cannot be  prayed away.  Only through the physical exercises of Ma’at can Isfet be removed from the  hearts of men and women. GodSpeedScroll™


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