The False History GodSpeedScience™

The False History Lit
1. The notion that one should ignore the harsh reality of a situation, especially when there has been a proven history of CCDD. The situation is requiring one to fall under the Water Lit and ignore all of the jewels. This is also known as “putting yourself to sleep.”

2. The Mad Hatter Avatar is a concept of being “stuck in a time loop” of predictable habits and CCDD. False history can be described as ignoring the fact that someone is under the Mad Hatter Avatar and virtually ignoring all of the history of the repeated mistakes that took place. This is typically due to chantaje and the water lit.

3. For example, Jezebel lives with Mason. This is the third time that they have lived together. The first time they moved in together, Jezebel watched television programs and listened to music that would keep Mason distracted and locked into a world of CCDD. She refused to listen to Mason’s pleads of asking her to stop this behavior. She also wasted lots of money on shopping, alcohol, and going out to nightclubs and bars. Eventually, Mason got fed up with this behavior and left Jezebel, who struggled to recover from the break-up. Eventually, she asked Mason for another chance, which he reluctantly agreed to. Within a few days, Jezebel returned to her old ways of wasting money and causing CCDD. When Mason brought up the fact that they had been through this several times, Jezebel refused to consider the fact that she continuously repeats this behavior. She keeps the agrument biased, disregarding the fact that she has a long history of chaotic behavior. Due to the Bastard Language Lit, Mason cannot verbalize this concept, so he becomes further lost in CCDD.

4. Disregarding the actions of a person and making a judgement based on emotion instead of logic, reason and the actual history of the relationship.

5. Also known as “the reset button”. On the surface, it seems like “giving someone another chance”, however, it is not. When the harsh reality of the subject is ignored, the water lit takes over, thus falling into a long term distraction. This is a gateway to the Mad Hatter Avatar. GodSpeedScience™


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