The Chris Lighty Avatar GodSpeedScience™

The Chris Lighty Avatar
1.  When all your worse nightmares come true.

2.  Aka Freddy Kruger lit, when a person subconsciously bring forth their own worst nightmares.

3.  Taking extacy means exhausting all of the phermones in the mind, so when the buzz goes down, there is nothing left but your worst nightmares.

4.  The four signs of earth, wind, water, and fire have negative avatars that respectively include Scrooge, the White-Rabbit, Tinkerbell, and the Wizard of Oz.  The Chris Lighty lit is when a person is unaware that they are behaving like their negative avatar and subconsciously bringing forth their own worst nightmare.

5.  Not understanding that the steps that you took in order to protect yourself from facing your worst fears was the EXACT reason why your worst fears came true.



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