The Cartoon Nikka GodSpeedScience™

The Cartoon Lit
1. The Cartoon Lit is based on the perspective of what is known as the “Sambo” Avatar.  The Sambo Avatar is portrayed as a superstitious black jester who enchants with the drama of mirth and merriment.   Through American history, he is considered a myth rooted in both reality and stereotype, which makes his life seem like an animated movie.  The Cartoon Lit is known as “the perfect stereotype”, because the predictable avatar behavior precedes reason and embeds a certain character on the data of our senses.

2.  Deeply rooted in the concept of performance and entertainment, the Cartoon Lit supersedes logic and reason.  The purpose is not necessarily CCDD, although this is an after-effect.  The initial purpose of the Cartoon Lit is to mirth and merriment.  Entertainment is a “side effect.”  It is this energy that creates the iconic humor and acceptance of a culture that allows fools to rule.  The Culture of Def is rooted in joy and merriment of self behavior and the ego.  This is known as “shucking and jiving”.  Logic and reason are of a secondary and third nature to this animated behavior.

3.  The Bastard Language Lit gave way to the original slang and higher principles of hip hop.  This is not the same as

“broken English”, which is typical of the Sambo Avatar.  This

broken language helps build the stereotype that will excuse the prepredictable behavior that is justified by Sambo’s fucked up pipes.

4.  Laziness, tricks, and humor are the goal of the Sambo Avatar who is an iconic trickster and jester.  His outrageous impulses are so uncontrollable that this Avatar must fool himself first, in order justify his prepredicatble behavior to himself.  This is known as the Chronic (see the Mad Hatter Avatar).  The Mason Avatar is an abstract concept that gives Sambo an external reference point to direct his justification of laziness and trickery.  This is why Mason must lose himself in his own trickery and create a cartoon version of himself.  Typically, he will even designate a nickname for this avatar/cartoon version of himself to completely immense himself in this exaggerated animated drama.
5.  R6 programming is the concept of someone seeing their life as a movie.  When this concept is mutilated by drugs, alcohol, and a chaotic environment, the Cartoon Lit is the result.  In the mind’s eye, it is perceived as the exaggerated drama that will later give way to  acceptance of chaos over sacred congruence, logic, and reason.

6.  While the Mad Hatter Avatar is stuck in a time loop, The Sambo Avatar is stuck at the mental age of a 17 years old girl.  This child-like behavior stems from a concept known as “The Carter” or “coons”.  Where Heru’s journey in his boat is designed to form an internal concrete avatar for himself, “the Carter” is known as the dharma of abstract thoughts carried out from the comfort of a “baby carriage”.  While Heru is looking inward, Mason is looking outward because Sambo tells him to do so, regardless of Mason’s actual age.  He still thinks from the perspective of a seventeen year old girl.

Test Dream 11 GodSpeed Talk Radio™ Cartoon Nikka from Alexander Karbo on Vimeo.


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