The Black Hole Lit GodSpeedScience™


 1. The subconscious puts in “black holes”once that person walks out of your eyesight. Sometimes .when we don’t see people for a while ,and we fall into new knowledge ,we assume that our friends and family are in a “black hole,”doing nothing..

2. Sometimes ,we as know body’s say”you only see whats right in front of you .The pineal gland /third-eye displays the “underlying meaning” behind what the two eyes see,

however,the third eye still does not “require” the two eyes to work in order to display an underlying meaning…
3.  By “building”,meditating ,and “Building with the wind”,you will be able to understand why people behave why they behave ..The type of energy of that controls them.When people walk out of our eyesight,our third eye subconsciously puts people in “black holes”that are filled with this energy….


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