The Big Bowl of Nothing GodSpeedScience™

The Big Bowl of Nothing

1. The entire universe began in the shape of a big bowl, but there was nothing but “potential” energy. This is similar to a giant egg, but the egg had no form, nor exact shape, but there was a 99.999% chance that when it did start to take shape, that it would form and shape like an egg.

2. When someone thinks of “nothing” and their mind forms an empty void of blackness continuing on for an eternity, this is a gateway to chaos. This is so because even in that blackness, the imagination leaves doorways open for unseen chaotic energy to creep into the mind and manifest. This is why the number zero has the shape that it does. Even in nothing, when it comes to manifesting physically, there should always be order. So when thinking of “nothing” or “zero”, it is always better to think of these concepts as “potential”.



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