The Bastard Language GodSpeedScience™


1. The “lockdown” of your imagination due to the fact that the English language does not hold enough letters and words to express the much more powerful feelings, emotions, and expressions that your original mind has.

2. Because the English language is one of the “weakest” languages on earth, lots of feelings experienced by a Godbody cannot be explained due to lack of vocabulary.  For example, you might hear someone say “That’s crazy” because that’s the best choice of words that person could come up with at that time.  They are not aware that they are putting their mental frequency to a “channel” that is actually considered “crazy”.

3. Our original language was symbols and pictures, which created a more powerful conscience. Letters and words do no have this effect.  Therefore, your mind can only go as far as the words can take you.

4. The swear words that get spoken during day to day conversation, are really supposed to be words that come from a higher source.  A lot of times when people use swear words, it was because one of their higher thoughts that was “supposed to” take place got shut down due to lack of vocabulary.

5.  This thought is the thought that spawned the entire HOODX LIT.  Many gangs have used symbols and letters to trigger an emotion in others.  In fact, many youngsters join gangs because they feel like they have no other outlet to express the many conflicting emotions that poor, inner-city youth experience.  Because many of these emotions go unexplained, law enforcement are able to pass and enforce laws and that exploit the situations that emerge from the physical manifestations of these feelings.  Vril scientists are able to exploit sound frequencies, color patterns, chemicals that can be ingested, and genetically modified food in order to help exploit the impulses behind the feelings that will further exploit the inability to successfully express the mental lockdown of the Bastard Language.  This leads to depression, drug addiction, and a “hardened heart.”  The hardened heart is the first tool necessary to spawn the negative ego; Agent Smith.

6.  Those who speak a native language (Spanish, French, Arabic, ect.) are fully aware of how limited the English language is.  Latin is considered the most powerful language by many people.  Others say Arabic.  The words that they are using open up other doors of the imagination.  This leads to a more vivid and active imagination.




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