The Amy G Avatar GodSpeedScience™

The Amy G Avatar

1.  Also known as the “Fear Factor”, the Amy G Avatar is the gatekeeper between the Shadow Walkers and the rest of the Motherfuckers in Between.  She regulates how much the fear and reward emotions are allowed to produce an effect on the psyche of the original mind.  

2.  Vril Scientists use Amy G as a tool to keep CCDD as the primary instinct to adapt to in order to survive.  The emotional relationship between Amy and CCDD is exploited through mainstream marketing, Happiness, sadness, joy, pain, sexuality, rejection, and many other streams of emotion are all dealt to Amy, who regulates the emotions and sends them to the Motherfuckers in Between.  Because the negative emotions of chaos, confusion, desperation, and distraction are rooted in fear, Amy G can be easily reactive in those ruled by the lower self.  This is a gateway to the Exit WoundsChris Lighty Avatar and the Cartoon Lit. 

3.  The Amy G Avatar is derived from the “amygdala”, which is an almond shaped set of neurons located deep in the brain’s temporal lobe.  The amygdala regulates emotions, decision making, and memory processing of the limbic system.  “Conditioning” to each emotion based on fear and reward inducing stimuli is the key to what is known as “episodic memory”, which play out as “pleasant” or “unplesant” holograms in the mind’s eye.  In HOODX, these holograms are known as “Lambda” or “Angles”.  

4.  Sexual orientation, social interaction, testosterone, estrogen, and emotional learning all play a key role in how the  Amy G Avatar is affected by CCDD.  ELF towers stream music tones,blue beam video, and other types of media programming produce angles known as “Lambda” which are stored inside the Amy G Avatar, who conditions the Motherfuckers in Between.  With the vast amount of negative images given by theMain Stream, it is very important that one should expose themselves to higher self concepts from an early age.  


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