“That’s Cute” GodSpeedScience™


1.  The notion that women view Godbody’s actions and behavior as “cute” and do not take them as seriously as Godbody’s do.

2.  When woman refers to an event or action that a Godbody is very passionate about as “his little thing” that he is doing.  For example, “Jesse, had his little baskeball tournament thing today.  I think they are in the finals or something.”  Or “He went to his little rap concert so he can perform.”

3.  The reason why a woman has no problem interrupting any type of person hobbies that a man has.  It also supports the notion that a woman’s dreams and interest should be put before a man’s dreams and interest.

4.  When an 85%’er woman sees a Godbody reading a book, writing a paper, or creating something, it is much easier to relate on a superficial level than to relate on at a deeper intellectual level.  Women relate at a emotional level.  Therefore, the content of the creation does not matter as much as the emotional content of how she took part in the creative process.  The actual content of a man’s creation is seen always seen as something “cute”.



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