Supreme Mummification GodSpeedScience™

Supreme Mummification

1.  Sit back.  Relax.  All you gotta do is breathe.  Show no outward or inward emotion.

2.  The art of knowing thyself.  Not going against the HOODX lit.  Dealing with every chaotic situation and pop locking it  with sacred congruence, however choosing to shut down the body’s entire emotional circuitry, known as the seven chakras.

3.  Where as the Bullet Proof Vest blocks the eternal attempts of Agents of Chaos from taking over your body, Supreme Mummification brings order to the internal turmoil caused by the guilt of having knowledge, but being surrounded by Sacred Agents.  By meditating on the Old Man Lit, you realize that death is certain.  Therefore, the only thing that you can do is breathe.

4.  Mummify the body to a frozen state.  Nothing moves.  Nothing gets in or out.  Nothing makes you happy.  Nothing makes you sad.  The heart rate does not change.  The breathing patters do not change.  Old men naturally have this.  It looks like a state of tranquility or peace.  Imagine yourself on a mountain, calmly standing your ground. 

5.  The number 13 can be thought of as the letter “B”, as in “Be”.  The word “Birth” can be though of as “13+earth”.  Birth signifies the ether locking itself into a physical state.  This is also known as Sobek.  The ether is not tangible.  It is looking for “Birth”.  Supreme mummification is the complete opposite of this.  It as if you are already dead.  It is not only “death”, but also “rapping” the body with jewels. GodSpeedScience™


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