SRC GodSpeedWritings™

The SRC Lit

1.  Spiritual Retro-Confabulation.  The concept that as one advances consciously and spiritually, they naturally assume that their friends, family, and strangers are aware of the metaphysical spiritual advancement that the person has achieved.  However, this is usually not the case.

2.  When your friends and family are not aware of your Resurrection of Self, but you subconsciously trick yourself into believing that they are.  This is usually a gateway for them to become Sacred Agents. This is also triggers the “Imma Get You Back Lit.”

3.  Babylon Privilege is the notion that some people do not even need to know why the HOODX Lit is important.  As soon as you forget this jewel, you will begin to fall under the SRC Lit.  It is not meant for everyone to understand the HOODX LIt.  As you travel further down the rabbit-hole, the unseen etherbegins to reveal itself.  Sometimes a person who has gone through Resurrection of Self will naturally assume that everyone that they know can see the same ether. This is not the case. This is the SRC Lit.

4. The 30 Second Intro is a trick that the mind plays on itself during the first 30 seconds of meeting a person.  When looking into the eyes of the opposite sex, there is a fog that is triggered in the mind, which prevents a person from fully internalizing the feeling behind that person’s eyes.  This “fog” is what typically sparks “attraction” in a person.  This “attraction” overrides “common sense”.  In turn, this allows the mind to naturally assume that a person that you may be attracted to has already experienced Total Recall, and has somehow “memorized” your R6 programming, and will behave accordingly.  This is the SRC Lit.

5.  In psychology,  false memory refers to the recollection of an event, or the details of an event, that did not occur.  This includes “source-monitoring effect”, in which memories are incorrectly attributed to different experiences than the ones that caused them.  This would mean that your R6 programming is producing holographic images in your mind that is making you believe that the people around you are automatically aware that you have experienced Resurrection of Self.  This is the SRC LIt


6.  Under the Jesus in His Own Land Lit, even Jesus’ mother began to believe that Jesus was not the great man that the Angels told her that he would be.  During her pregnancy and while Jesus was a child, Mary naturally assumed that Jesus was going to be a great politician or king.  Jesus knew that his people did not accept him as the Christ.  He did not naturally assume that everyone would accept his as the sacrifice.

7.  Matthew 8:26, Jesus asks the disciples, “Why do you have such little faith?”  He calmed the storm and went back to sleep.  The disciples were shocked.  Even though Jesus proved that he was all powerful, even his own disciples still doubted him. GodSpeedWritings™


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