Southern Belle GodSpeedScience™





1. When a child (usually a girl) spends their entire childhood saying and displaying chaotic behavior that should get CHECKED, but NOBODY says ANYTHING. Or even worse, YOU try to CHECK THEM, but other people get mad at you for saying anything at all.

2. They get EVERYTHING they want as a child and become spoiled. Therefore they become adults and still display this chaotic, childlike behavior and almost find it entertaining. IT NEVER GOES CHECKED!

3. The realization that you are talking to a little girl inside a grown woman’s body.

4.Perhaps the southern belle acts out and displays this chaotic behavior because of a noncompliance to bullshit? She may have felt that no one could check her because she saw through their facades of authority and followed her own truth. Maybe no one checks her because they see the truth in her.The southern belle is indeed very likely to be spoiled, especially when raised by adoring grandparents, particularly a grandfather that could never reject her requests if she accompanied them with a sweet, “pretty please?” This causes issues for southern belle as she develops a belief that any man who wants her devotion must adhere to her every word, while also giving her everything that she wants, spoiling her just like the first and only man to ever love her.

It’s not until the little girl checks herself that she can grow to not just match the age of her physical body, but also exceed it.


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