Set the Stage GodSpeedScience™

Set the Stage Lit

1. Because life plays out as drama (or R6 programming), there are times when the matrix programming will create a situation that makes you appear like a character in a film. Sometimes this happens automatically, but it can also be manipulated by agents of chaos through chantaje.

2. For example, the negative zodiac avatars are rooted in triggers that are based on time, emotion, ego, and money (air, water, fire, and earth). As situations begin to take form, the matrix programming will create situations that are rooted in these triggers, causing one’s R6 programming to give in to the astonishment of the percieved drama. This is a gateway to Put Your Life on the Line, CCDD, and the Just So Happened Lit.

3. Because agents of chaos do not know that they are agents, they are automatically rooted in their lower self triggers. This means that they may not be aware that they are “setting the stage” for their lower self to take form.

4. The Water Lit can be described as “letting emotion take over instead of logic and reason.” The water, or “mood”, of the situation causes the R6 implant to “set a stage” to see others as characters in one’s own movie, instead of who they actually are. This is a gateway to chantaje and emotional manipulation.

5. Sometimes, the matrix programming will create a circumstance that places one in a situation that makes someone appear guilty of something that they are not, or the situation looks worse than it actually is. For example, one might try to help a friend, only to end up being “the bad guy”. It’s not that this person is actually “the bad guy”. It’s the circumstances of the situation that “set the stage” to give the perfect scenario for this person to become “the villain” inside the R6 of their friend turned enemy. The stage for this drama to playout was already set. It just needed the characters to play the roles. See also “Pulling Back the Curtains.”


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