Sacred Congruence GodSpeedScience™


1. Sacred congruence is one of the most difficult words to understand and break down under the Bastard Language Lit.  It is the key to the fourth and fifth dimensional self.  It can roughly be explained as the overall “synthesis” of your behavior during varying conditions from “bad” to “good” or light to dark.  For example, you may be in the middle of arguing with someone, but get a visit from a friend who will completely change your behavior.  If a third person was watching you go through this changing of mood, they would see your “congruence.”

2.  The degree of authenticity.  It is when the external representation of self matches the internal representation of self.  For example, a nerd trying to act cool is incongruent and unattractive.  However, a nerd who is comfortable in his own skin with being a nerd is congruent and considered attractive.

3.  The core values in a person that never stray.  It doesn’t matter what type of situation that person is in, their core is intact and cannot be moved.  However, they are not threatened or desperate a chaotic or manipulated situation.



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