R6 Implant GodSpeedScience™

R6 Implant

1. In Scientology  there is a concept of our souls being sucked into and attached “an electronic ribbon” that created a standing wave of “vacuum zones” around the world. This gives the effect that somewhere, there is a room full of people watching all of the drama that we are experiencing.

2. In the film the Matrix, Neo awakens in a pod and finds everyone asleep. The dream that everyone else is experiencing is known as “the Matrix”. The R6 implant is not the Matrix itself, but the actual programming of the Matrix, which gives off the illusion that all of our decisions are being watched on a movie screen by a room full of people. This causes the Desperation Lit and people to Put Their Life On The Line.

3. The programming of how your life is supposed to play out. The visions that you saw as a child of how you were going to live as an adult. This also includes memories from past lives and future lives that the audience “watches” as your life movie plays out. These thoughts start out as engrams which are later verified in life by implants. The R6 implant is the implant that makes people “find who they really are”. It is the natural programming beyond survival.

4. The reason why people see their life as a movie. The Solar Selfrests comfortably, watching it’s drama play out through your eyes. The lunar self, the planetary self, the Mars self, the Venus self, ect, all watch the drama play out through your eyes and try to manipulate the “movie”. Eventually, the “movie” becomes a “video game” with “everyone holding a controller”, so the movie must be “reset”.



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