Put Your Life on the Line GodSpeedScience™


1. A concept of the ego not being able to see the synchronicity of an event, causing the physical manifestation of becoming too prideful, or go out of the way to make one’s presence felt or not felt.

2. Similar to the Desperation Lit, but different in that the ego produces a manic-like state that causes a person to act as if the single moment is defining who they are as a very person or as if “the world” is watching this defining moment.

3.  Turbulence in the R6 Implant will cause a person to “balance” out their insecurities and pride, similar to the Imma Get You Back Lit.  The difference is that it is the fact that someone put’s their life on the line that they must feel the urge to “get them back“. 

4.  The feeling that the social value has been threatened, and that there is a room full of people (inside your head) who are watching every decision that is being made.  Therefore, you cannot “let them down.”





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