“MC2=E” GodSpeedScience™


1. The reverse of E=MC2, or the theory of relativity. E=MC2 means the ENERGY is equal to the MASS of that object, multiplied by the speed of light. However, the reverse of that same equation is the MASS multiplied by the speed of light is equal to the ENERGY. This means that IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR ENERGY, THEN YOUR ENERGY CONTROLS YOU.


2. For example, people develop habits like smoking and …cannot quit. In their mind, they believe that they can control their thoughts and impulses, but the reality is that THEY CAN’T. This is why people who are dying of lung cancer still smoke cigarettes.


3. If you can’t control your energy, then the energy controls YOU. This is how you become an AGENT of CHAOS once you let the CHAOS CONTROL YOU instead of YOU CONTROLLING THE CHAOS. 





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