“Long Term Distraction” GodSpeedScience™

The “Long Term Distraction” 

1. When someone knowingly or unknowingly sees a distraction as part of their life’s work.  This can last for over periods of years.  

2.  Being aware of putting off knowledge for an extended period of time and justifying percrastination in regard to knowledge.

3.  Choosing to maintain a negative relationship with a spouse or loved one who keeps going down a dark path.  This person may play a victim role or have a legitimate problem.

They may even use chantaje.  You will find yourself going over the same negative process over and over again.

4.  The process of forcing yourself to continue through a negative relationship with someone, just so you don’t say that you have “wasted” an extended amount of time.

5.  Keeping someone in your life after they have fufilled their purpose in your     life.  This might be for several reasons and might happen unconsciously.  This also includes watching the same movies and listening to the same songs over and over.

6.  Repeating the same thing over and over and getting the same result.  This is distracting you from something greater.



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