Jump Into Smith GodSpeedScroll™

Jump Into Smith 

1.  After a breakthroughHeru realized that he had the ability to defeat Agent Smith.  This must be done from INSIDE Smith.  This was demonstrated in the film The Matrix, when Neo ran across the hall and proceeded to “jump into” Agent Smith, causing him to explode from within.  This is the ONLY way that Smith can be defeated.

2.  Smith cannot be defeated externally.  Asking questions that make an Agent of Chaos look within themselves is one of the most powerful tools that Heru uses to avoid further confrontation.  Typically, Heru will ask questions that he already knows the answer to, but the Agent will have a difficult time explaining while still trying to staycongruent. Remember, Agents do not know that they are Agents.  The right question at the right time, will cause them to look into themselves for the right answer, thus forcing the Agent to dissipate.  This is called “Jumping into Smith”.

3.  “Stutter talk” is the initial reaction of an Agent, once “jumping into” them.  This was seen in the film when Agent Smith began to try and keep himself from exploding.  Agents usually begin to contradict themselves as there begins an internal “tug of war” between their higher and lower self.  This will further lead to social incongruencies unless the Agent can begin to pop-lockthe higher self.

4.  In the film, “Matrix Revolution”, Neo allows Agent Smith to take over his body, so that he can once again, destroy Smith from within.  Fighting Smith is pointless.  He must be attacked from within.  The on


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