Jump in the Coffin GodSpeedScience™

Jump in the Coffin

1. When a chaotic situation takes hold of a person who is aware of the jewels. When Set wins the battle. This is also known as the “Death of Osiris  or “Putting Yourself To Sleep”.

2. This is a daily occurrence  Although it is not okay to jump in the coffin, it should be seen as part of a daily ceremony. One should not be upset when it is time to jump in the coffin. This is called “Jumping in the Coffin and Start Tripping”. It is always to “Start Tripping, then Jump in the Coffin.” Never Jump in the Coffin without “giving a eulogy.” Make sure all of your demands met BEFORE you ever agree to jump in a coffin.

3. Ignoring a chaotic situation and acting like you don’t see it. Or actually throwing yourself into a knowingly chaotic situation.


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