Jewels GodSpeedWritings™

1.  The sacred virtues and symbols that expose the unseen ether.  They are also considered “gems” and have been referred to as “bombs” by Clarence 13X.    The HoodX Lit is full of sacred jewels that have “chambers”.  Each “chamber” is a plural definition of what the jewel symbolizes.

2.  Similar to tarot cards, each “jewel” has a different meaning.  Some meanings are dual and completely contradict themselves.  The jewels provide the foundation for moral excellence and good being. 

3.  Because we are born into ignorance, the jewels provide a blueprint on how to behave in a situation that requires one to think quickly.


4.  In life, there are an infinite amount of  ways to understand a single concept or experience.  This is known as “dualism”.  One symbol can have multiple meanings, where as a single word is limited in it’s interpretation.  To “drop a jewel” is to teach someone a new and truthful way of looking at an experience, that the person may have not realized before hand, by using symbols, stories, and myth that may not abide by the laws of physics.  This is known as Time without time.

5.  The Bastard Language lit was the first jewel that spawned the rest of the HOODX Lit.  This is based on the notion that the English Language is limited to 26 letters and 9 numbers, but the holographic, subconscious mind operates in symbols and patterns.  Although the HOODX Lit is written in English, it is written in a way that is designed to force the reader to use both the conscious and subconscious mind at the same time.  This process “de-calcifies” the pineal  gland and allows potential clairvoyance. 95062ef466607abcabc7d259a1b7e322 copy

6.  The Mad Hatter Avatar is the concept of repeating the same routine over and over.  This includes topics of discussion.  Someone might explain the same concepts over and over again without giving the concept a distinguished name.  The Jewels create the solid and practical “reference point” that the mind can refer to when communicating.  This saves lots of time when trying to explain abstract and complicated ideas with no fundamental explanation.


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