Imma Get You Back GodSpeedScience™


1.  When someone is exposed to higher concepts of knowledge and discipline and can’t poplock the information, so instead they vow to produce a dramatic action that will balance out their incongruenciestoward the subject.

2.  The lower self’s defense mechanism toward keeping it’s social value “equal” or “above” a person who is operating from the higher self.  They will be overcome with a feeling to keep inputing information, regardless if it is usless or not.  This is actually an insecurity.  This is why this person will have an overwhelming desire to “get you back.”

3.  The urge to “upstage” or “out perform” someone who is godlike in their spirituality and discipline.

4.  Some students feel that it is more important to be able to have as much input as the teacher, instead of keeping quiet, being humble, and learning.  When this option is taken away from the student, the student (who usually lacks discipline), will be overcome with a desire to “get them back”.



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