Havok GodSpeedScience™

1.  Havok is the sound of “Isfet”.  It is the soundtrack of chaos and disorder as it manifests in the physical.  Although it is can be seen with the eye, it is mostly referred to by it’s sound.  It usually sounds like loud screaming, hollering, and yelling, occasionally followed by gunshots, tires screeching, or glass breaking.  This is usually followed by police sirens.  It can also be described as muffled crumbling, hollering, or stomping while running.

2.  Havok is usually heard in the ghetto, although it is hard to properly diagnose.  The sounds of aggressive instrumentals with rappers hollering out expletives is the “manufactured” havok that influences the culture of Def.  During the early twenty first century, many rappers and producers actually laced their songs with gunshots and police sirens in order to properly portray havok under the kayfabe agenda.  “Hood movies” are usually laced with havok, which has crossed over into mainstream media by playing aggressive hip hop instrumentals during the most chaotic scenes.

3.  The tone of Havok is based in negativity.  It is fiery in nature and moves unpredictable and quickly.  It is the sound of negative ether that begins the process of physical chaos.

4.  Under the Culture of Def, Havok is allowed to rule from 9:00pm until 3:00am.  Havok can be found in traffic, on the street, in local bars, nightclubs, and parties.  At 3:00, Set is allowed to rule the physical plane until sunrise. GodSpeedScience™


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