Harsh Reality GodSpeedScience™

The Harsh Reality 

1.When one faces the hopelessness of their situation without regret, fear, or disillusionment. 

2.  Similar to the Program Still Running Lit, it is like finding yourself in a hopeless situation regardless if you have all the knowledge and tools to get yourself out of that situation, but you still face the situation head on.

3.  Certain religions feel that one must be willing to sacrifice himself  to God to achieve eternal paradise.  Their particular cause will eventually lead them to their death.  However until they reach death, from their perception they will be living in what is known as the Harsh Reality Lit.

4.  The core reasons of why particular revolutions take place. 

5.  Acceptance of the Chaos can be described as ignoring or accepting the many contrasting and conflicting degrees of CCDD to avoid the excruciation of poplocking the sacred congruence of the Heru Avatar around Sacred Agents.  This creates what is known as the Harsh Reality Lit.

6.  For example, in the fourth quarter of a basketball game, there comes a point when one team realizes that they are indeed going to lose the game.  The decision to continue to play at 100% even though they know they are going to lose, is what’s known as the Harsh Reality Lit.  Now apply this same concept to the Heru Avatar losing the battle to the millions of Agents of Chaos.



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