Hardwired to the Ether GodSpeedScience™

Hardwired to the Ether Lit

1.  In the Set Address, Set points out the fact thatHeru’s genetic DNA is “hardwired to the ether“.  This means that Heru’s subconscience and original mind is a physical manifestation of pure ether.  While locked into a physical body, the infinite mind remains separate from the tedious excruciation of day to day living. This is also known as “right there with the ether”.

2.  The ability to understand and overstand “why” the ether moves the way it moves.  This is also known as the “Superwhy Lit”.  This is because Heru can see Triple Darkness which is the physical blueprint of the ether.  This can be compared to what is generally known as “animation”.  Just as animation itself requires a physical body to behold itself, the ether requires physical manifestation.  Heru’s perception of this ether is completely parallel and congruent to this ether.  Therefore he produces “the immediate effect” of God.

3.  Time without time is symbolic of “the is, the was, and the always will be.”  Because Heru’s avatar is “hardwired to the ether”, he becomes a physical manifestation of time without time.  This is somewhat similar to the Old Man Lit.  He is completely sychronized to the ether.

4.  The opposite of “You Only See What’s Right in Front of You Lit“.  An infinite original mind composed of gamma, quantified by photon light particles in unity with the production of R6.  It is not the R6 Implant itself, but the elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force, even when static via virtual photons, locked in a mummified state of excruciating physical reality.  This is also called “quanta”, which can be compared to the “vehicle” of electromagnetic waves.

5.  Earth, wind, water, and fire are completely opposite of each other and in most circumstances, will cancel each other out.  The physical body is the only manifestation of all elements working in perfect balance, even though they are completely opposite of each other.  This paradox of opposite ends of the same pole can be also described as “polarity”.  One in the same, yet opposite in physical manifestation.  These four elements also make up the “hardware” of the ether, which Heru can be considered “the software”, which is “hardwired to the ether”.

6.  Because Heru is “hardwired to the ether”, he has the ability to see both the seen and unseen.  This means that he can also see CCDD and Agents of Chaos before time has the opportunity to produce the physical manifestation.  He can see Isfet before he takes form.  GodSpeedScience™


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