“Half Cocked” GodSpeedScience™

“Half Cocked”

1. When someone is doing something very passionately and giving their 100% effort, but there is “half-ass” response, reaction, or understanding coming from the people that this person is displaying their actions to.

2. When someone passionately indulges or over-indulges in something, but doesn’t have a full understanding of the
specifics of the material.

3.  This concept comes from Chicago gang members who would confront neutral citizens for having, what appeared to be, their hat slightly tilted either to the left or to the right, instead of fully turning it to the left or right.  These neutral citizens were known as “perpetrators”, who were trying to front the image of being a gangster, but were afraid to “fully cock” their hats, in fear of being approached and asked what set they claim.

4. When someone has the opportunity to say or do something great, but fall short do to not having a full understanding of how the process goes.  They are usually not even aware of this. GodSpeedScience™


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