Godbody Avatar GodSpeedScience™

1. Godbody is the “Nigga”, originally spelled “Negus”. He is the Afro-Asiatic King who has shed his def and gone through Resurrection of Self.

2. The Five Percent Nation of Islam had a fundamental belief that “All black men are gods and all black women are earths.” Therefore it did not matter what religious, political, or economic standpoint one took. As long as a Godbody knew how to poplock his spiritual practice, he would be forgiven for his lower nature, as long as he didn’t mutilate his sacred congruence.

3. There are many musical artists like Nas, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, and Method Man who have identified themselves with the Five Percent Nation of Islam, who first main streamed the notion of Godbody. Busta Rhymes has been quoted saying that “It’s more about nature. Everything has a nature. Black people are of a godly nature.”

4. The original avatars of the Kemetic Sciences were the blueprint to what could be considered as the “Original Godbodies”. These avatars were the original external reference points to use as a road map to get to the higher self. Although each individual deity had a different meaning of resurrection, collectively, the are all considered “Godbody”.


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