Fardism: GodSpeedScience™


1. The notion that people reject any and all information that is coming from a black man, and that people will only believe info that is coming from a white person.


2. This comes from W.D. Fard, who was the founder of the Nation of Islam. Some people argue that this was a divine plan from Allah because Allah knew that if he sent a black man with the divine message of Islam, then blacks would… have rejected it. So he sent a white man in order to start a black man’s religion.

3. In the Set Address, Set points out that he must step in between a woman “believing in her man.” Set regulates the black woman’s thinking to reject all knowledge coming from her man, and to go to a white man for confirmation, employment, and security when her man gets out of line.

4. This also happens when you study the information of Tim Wise and David Icke. They are giving out information that blacks have been saying for years, but because they are white, blacks accept the same information from them before they will accept the information from someone who looks like them.


5. This jewel is called a “rare jewel” because it is VERY RARE that someone will even point it out.


6.  The notion that Jews don’t even believe in Christ, yet Christians will respect, honor, and support Jewish movies, holidays, and traditions, yet turn their nose up at another Christian for simply not being a member of their church.

7.  The notion that many successful whites do not go to church or practice religion, yet there are many blacks who go to church and practice religion, but are unsuccessful.

8.  The notion that every time a black man says “It’s because I’m black” that he is automatically lying, regardless of what actually happened or if he is actually telling the truth.




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