Deprogramming GodSpeedScience™

1.  One of the most hidden jewels in the entire HOODX Lit is the “Deprogramming Lit.”  The very purpose of reading the HOODX Lit is to “deprogram” the lower self tendencies. which will open the soul to properly receive resurrection of self.  Proper resurrection of self cannot be achieved without first deprogramming lower self behavior.

2.  Someone who is half-cocked does not know that they are half-cocked.  An Agent of Chaosdoes not know that they are an Agent of Chaos.  Deprogramming will give concrete reference points to lower self behavior, by forcing a person to look into themselves in order to transcend their chaotic ways. This is also why some might find it difficult to read the HOODX Lit.

3.  Abstract thinking is the goal of the mainstream.  Concrete thinking is the goal of the HOODX Lit.  Religion and entertainment keeps people thinking at an abstract level, which vaguely means “away from the self” or “what everybody else is doing.”  Concrete thinking makes a person ask “How does this directly impact me?”  The answer to that question is a “concrete” thought.  What is concrete to one person is not concrete to the next person.  This is what forces people to think “abstract” or “generally speaking”.  The HOODX Lit is written in a way to make one think “concrete”.  This can also be described as deprogramming.

4.  Before one falls into knowledge of self, they are considered dead. Resurrection of self is considered the “reprogramming” of someone who has completely walked away from the Culture of Def, as well as transcended all lower self behavior.  One cannot be reprogrammed without deprogramming first.


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