Breakthrough GodSpeedScience™


1. The moment of over-standing the chakras, kundalini, prayer, and all forms of religion and spirituality.

2. Chakras can be thought of as vortex steam energy fields. They release different forms of steam which generate different parts of the soul, which manifest as personality. A break through is like a tidal wave of energy passing through the chakras, breaking past the understanding of how the inner structure works.

3. The entire universe came from a single point that is smaller than the eye of a needle. A “breakthrough” is being aware of the “merkaba” universe that can pour from out of your own body thought of as vortex steam energy fields.

4. The moment when you become a master of destiny instead of a student.

5. In the film “The Last Dragon”, this concept was called “the Glow”. It can also be seen in the Matrix, after Neo resurrects from the dead and see’s the entire Matrix for the first time. The superhero known as the Human Torch has an ability to go “Supernova”, which can be compared to a “breakthrough”. It is the moment when one realizes that their powers are greater than themselves and the way they have been studying.


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