“Bogus Figment” GodSpeedScience™

 “Bogus Figment”

1. When a person gives off a “shiny” presence but they bear bad fruit or no fruit at all.


2. A person who’s entire life is a figment of someone else’s imagination.


3. “Dude’s just want to live off character. They want to be ‘cartoons’.” -Tupac Shakur


4. Someone who is fronting a character and still can’t produce any real fruit of that character.

5. In congruence in character versus his actions. Doesn’t walk the walk, especially in spirituality.

6.  People who portray kayfabe and chantaje.  Those who try to gain power or “emotional fame” by subconsciously exaggerating their actions and emotions to give those actions and emotions more value than their “audience”.  GodSpeedScience™


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