1.  Under the “Supreme Acting Lit”, when you must act like you are sad in order to get what you want, or you pretend not to see the chaos that is right in front of you.


2.  When approached by police, as opposed to using Juice Lee, you simply “act like you’re sad and can’t see”.  This way the police will not see you having too much fun or too happy, so they won’t bother you.                                                                                                   

3.  No one likes to see a black man too happy, so the more black men act sad and can’t see, it will make other people feel better.  Sometimes, this is the only way for a black man to get what he is asking for.  It is not until Agents see that the black man is broken in heart and spirit, that they will ease off and even try to help him.

4.  Comedian Mike Epps has a joke where he says “Fellas, you ever have to act sad to get the pussy, and then you have to keep acting sad when you get in it?”


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