The X-Count Ø GodSpeedScience™

1.  X-Counting is counting to ten before leaving the house or indulging in any behavior that is considered risky, unpredictable,or chaotic.  It has been said that by doing this, you are letting thenegative cycles of synchronicity to pass you by ten seconds.

2.  The Mad Hatter Avatar is the one who keeps repeating the same behavior patterns and habits over and over again.  If only he could break his habits, he would be able to remove himself from the table and begin to poplock the higher self.  Why is he struggling with this?  Because through Sobek, he is locked and trapped into the synchronicity of the programming of the matrix and the Program is Still Running.  His thoughts and actions are not of his own as long as he is in the matrix.  By counting to ten, one slowly begins to unwrap themselves from the cloth of this negative synchronicity.  

3.  The 30 Second Intro is a natural reaction in the body when meeting someone for the first time, or greeting someone that has a particular influence over you. Exaggerated thought causes the eyes and nostrils widen, the heart rate increases, and animal breathing takes over.  By using the X-Count before walking into his type of somewhat chaotic environment,you will be more grounded.

4.  The difference between stress and distress is the way that the body responds to the drama as it unfolds.  There is some stress that is considered, good stress, like competing in a basketball game, going into a work interview, or buying a new car.  However these same good circumstances can become distress, depending on if you lost every basketball game growing up, have been turned down for the past ten jobs, and bought three hoopties last time you bought cars.  How you perceive the situation is key.  Using the X-Count before approaching distressful situations won’t entirely get rid of the stress, however it will help keeping it from becoming distress.

5.  All you gotta do is breathe, is the opposite of breathing under water, which is what happens when one does not do the X-Count.  It is important to breathe as you do the X-Count and focus on the desired outcome of the situation.  Breathing properly while using the X-Count is a better way to increase the odds of success.



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