The Wadeen Ø GodSpeedScience™

1.  The Wadeen (also pronounced “Wah-ding or “Wah-deem”) is the cultivation of the Heru Avatar and Godbody Avatar.  This is the ultimate practical exercise in the methodology of the Samson Strength.  Self governing, discipline, and formation of the HOODX Crown through the  HOODX Lit.  

2.  Using the Bulletproof Vest, Throw on the Scully, Genie Cuffs, and the Alkaline Ammunition Ray as internal shields to ward off negative vibrations.  Mediating on the 3 Point Ray Weapon to bring thoughts into manifestation through the second point, which is the Wadeen.

3.  The minimum requirements of your Wadeen are simple tasks of cleanliness, organization, using a calendar, exercise, studying, and writing.  Higher degrees include systemizing, breath control, regular mental deprogramming, having the right diet, Chesed, and meditating on the HOODX Lit.  Even higher degrees include Sacred Congruence, creative manifestation, human augmentation, harnessing sexual energy, and the Old Man Lit.

4.  Your Wadeen is the personal set of guided principles that the Heru Avatar carries that are based on the HOODX Lit.  The use of multiple calendars is typically the way that this is handled.  This is to handle the multiple forms of manifestation.  Without multiple calendars and schedules, the Wadeen will typically be reset.  This is a gateway to Death of the King.

5.    Your Wadeen is a rhythm of Ma’at and divine higher energy poplocking on the physical plane on a day to day basis.  It is essential to successfully poplock your dreams in the Age of Aquarius.  One is usually said to be “On their wadeen”, or “Off their wadeen”.  GodSpeedScience™


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