The Perfect Pipes Jewel Ø GodSpeedScroll™

Ø 1.  A rare blessing from the Most High, this is the opposite of Fucked Up Pipes, Mutilation, and the Imma Get You Back Lit.  Sometimes two different people may experience the same thought at the exact same time and can finish each others sentences.  Not only can you finish the sentence, you will be able to see the drama of the thought pattern play out and the original mind will automatically GodSpeedScience™alleviate any risks involved by “hedging” the thought.  This means that the perfect thought will produce the perfect effect, and is sometimes verified by two different people experiencing the exact thought at the exact same time.  This is known as “Perfect Pipes”.

2.  Add on is the concept of showing support to a thought by backing the thought up with facts and jewels. Negative subtraction is the opposite of this thought and “takes away” from the thought and doesn’t encourage it. Building off the wrong thought is somewhat likechanging the channels, meaning that the “wrong thoughts” keep “fucking up the pipes” and doesn’t lead the thought to a direct purpose, which is known as Kungblao.  Perfect Pipes is the “road that leads to Kungblao”.

3.  Synchronicity is the notion that two parallel events can happen at the exact same time.  Perfect pipes is different only in that their are two parallel thoughts that happen at the exact same time.  Sometimes in these rare type of moments someone will ask “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and the answer will be yes.

4.  There is only one original mind.  As the mind begins to remember what it had forgot that it had forgot, the body’s genetic structure begins to change back to the original ways of thinking.  The R6 Implant becomes completely deprogrammed and decalcified and the original scientific mind begins to look for predictable patterns.  The probability of success of the drama playing out according to the matrix programming is known as “The Program Still Running“.  This means that CCDD is somewhat predictable because we understand theruthless nature of Agent Smith.   The predictable nature of the chaos produces predictable drama known as “Lambda” in the R6 Implant of the mind’s eye.  “Perfect” drama without “darma” is known as “Perfect Pipes”.

5.  The Set Lottery can be described as thinking with the somatic self instead of the original mind.  When it is said that “Heru has Perfect Pipes” it means that he is hardwired to the ether andpoplocks the Godbody mind which can see drama that may appear to “just so happen” to people who don’t properly observe their surroundings with the original mind.

6.  The Motherfuckers in Between can be thought of as the electrical neurons that fire in your brain, that are in between the Shadow Walkers and the ether.  Dopamine receptors seek stimulation through greed and fear, or reward and punishment through the Amy G Avatar.  Perfect Pipes means that your mind has transcended the Amy G through Supreme Mummification and can see the absolute highest thought in every fifth dimensional scenario.  Therefore the probability of your choices leading to the highest rate of success is much greater. GodSpeedScience™


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