The HOODX Crown GodSpeed™

1. The HOODX Crown is a external symbol for a concrete internal process. The King Mindset can also be called “the knowing”. This can only be achieved by reading the entire HOODX Lit and adding on to each jewel.

2. The HOODX Crown symbolizes the Tony Fabo Avatar who can see the ether and control it. It symbolizes the invisible crown that chooses to reveal itself to itself. The Magic Genie of the Lamp chooses to accept his fate. The Kungblao Avatar chooses to accept his fate. The Godbody Avatar takes action. Purpose becomes reason and reason becomes purpose.

3. Death of the King is symbolized by HOODX mutilation. The opposite of that is what the crown symbolizes. The HOODX Crown is proof that the Heru Avatar has risen from the dead and multiplied Resurrection of Self through HOODX.



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