The Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit 90 billion years ago~Paralleled Universe

The Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit

Stixs grab the head phones, the sun beam through the mountain.Spirals swirled into to the onyx trimmed microphone~Diamonds/gold,oil,drugs/ rhyming,cold,boil blood,/ timing ,bold foiled judge/signing scrolls /soil mud/lying hoes/ royal grudge/climbing close/oil slugs/Iceland globe spoiled thugs fighting souls / diving poles/royal rugs rising trolls /dividing codes turmoil love /diamonds gold oil drugs /black diamond~As he cried out to the universe for mercy.This was a ritual that they perform weekly,where the mind precedes the body,aka blowing into the ether.As Stixs release his pain on the mic,G-blao adjusted the sound to match the frequency of O-Cyrus, Poematic lace his t-Rex skin Timbuktu’s sat back as G-blao adjusted the frequency just right ,the sun beam brighter the mountain lion roared~

He hit the ether an passed it to Poematic he blew 9 rings an recline in the rhino skin chair an spoke~ Whether acting in the local or higher universes, circuit supervisors direct all concerned as to the proper circuits to employ for the transmission of all spirit messages and for the transit of all personalities. In their work of circuit supervision these efficient beings utilize all agencies, forces, and personalities in the universe of universes. The vast power currents of space and the circuits of spirit energy may seem to operate automatically; they may appear to function without let or hindrance, but such is not the case. All these stupendous systems of energy are under control; they are subject to intelligent supervision. Universe Circuit Supervisors are concerned, not with the realms of purely physical or material energy — the domain of the Universe Power Directors — but with the circuits of relative spiritual energy and with those modified circuits which are essential to the maintenance of both the highly developed spiritual beings and the soul or transition type of intelligent creatures. The supervisors do not give origin to circuits of energy and super-essence of divinity, but in general they have to do with all higher spirit circuits of time and eternity and with all relative spirit circuits concerned in the administration of the component parts of the grand universe.They direct and manipulate all such spirit-energy circuits outside the Isle of Paradise.

They employ the unrevealed “high spirit personalities of circuit control” and are ably assisted by numerous staffs composed of personalities of the Infinite Spirit. It is they who would isolate an evolutionary world if its Planetary Prince should rebel against the Universal Father and his vicegerent Son. They are able to throw any world out of certain universe circuits of the higher spiritual order, but they cannot annul the material currents of the power directors.

god-body this shit get deeper, here, Poematic past G-blao back the ether an said~While the circuit supervisors are entirely alike within their respective orders, they are all distinct individuals. They are truly personal beings, but they possess a type of other-than-Father-endowed personality not encountered in any other type of creature in all universal existence.Although you will recognize and know them as you journey inward towards Paradise, you will have no personal relations with them. They are circuit supervisors, and they attend strictly and efficiently to their business. They deal solely with those personalities and entities having the oversight of those activities which are concerned with the circuits subject to their supervision.

The Census Directors they be on it, nigga they the go getters~ Notwithstanding that the cosmic mind of the Universal Intelligence is cognizant of the presence and whereabouts of all thinking creatures, there is operative in the universe of universes an independent method of keeping count of all will creatures.

The Census Directors are a special and completed creation of the Infinite Spirit, and they exist in numbers unknown to us. They are so created as to be able to maintain perfect synchrony with the reflectivity technique of the superuniverses, while at the same time they are personally sensitive and responsive to intelligentwill. These directors, by a not-fully-understood technique, are made immediately aware of the birth of will in any part of the grand universe. They are, therefore, always competent to give us the number, nature, and whereabouts of all will creatures in any part of the central creation and the seven superuniverses. But they do not function on Paradise; there is no need for them there. On Paradise knowledge is inherent; the Deities know all things.Gray clouds hovered in the mountain ceiling, the 2 gods meditated on many higher thoughts Stixs practice the art of chi as he flowed ~ 90 billion years ago~Paralleled Universe~ GodSpeedWritings™


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