Here {I hand u the book of the dead } ,In it hold the name Heru, in which he has realized himself as Ausar thus transforming himself into a hawk of ‘Gold Ptah’ ,a phoenix ,I command u from the plate of xxvii ,I came into being from the unformed matter I have knock him into the right hemisphere of his brain I gave him pain which will allow him to grow faster ,like those who came before him. Fear none sun thought you may not see my face I am with u at all times,my brow raise as u travel through the valley of death ,for I send Maat my chief judge to protect u ha if they think they can break the hands of my reign naught , I am Ausar , king of the ether ,don’t cry sun I am an u r …I represent those without name and number those of the lowest order, children of attainment ,they are the ascendant souls who have developed the ability to worship beyond the skill of all the sons and daughters of the evolutionary races from the world of time and space.

They have acquired a spiritual concept of the eternal purpose of the universal father which comparatively transcends the comprehension of the evolutionary creatures of name and number therefore they dominate …They are above name and number, don’t cast pearls to swine, for they have chosen the second death. If anything build with the wind. Don’t cry sun for I am with u, ah you say money, to that I ask do u give a child candy every time they ask. For it will it not cause decay, let’s move on. Even thought you may not remember your past live you will fill it, in your DNA are traces of your past memories that will cause u to tingle when you hear the truth you will

feel it in your soul, as u climb the ladder to my hand the world around you may appear to fall apart,But know that with reprogramming comes deprogramming as it fall I will rebuild, trust me I got you,I order you to never give up. What’s in your mind is what I put there that’s y u hear 2 voices and not one.{from the book City of God} GodSpeedWritings™


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