The “Don’t Ever Forget Some Shit That You Forgot” GodSpeedScience™

The “Don’t Ever Forget Some Shit That You Forgot” Lit

1. Not only when you forget something that came natural to you, but youdidn’t even realize that you forgot until something comes along and “reteaches” it to you.


2.  When someone is really good at something, then let it go and forget about it.  Then someone younger than them reminds them of how good they were and that they should have kept mastering what came natural to them.

3.  When someone says “I already knew that but I forgot all about it.”

4.  Because of the bastard language, there are happenings and concepts in our subconscious that cannot be explained with words.  Sometimes we let these happenings and concepts go, simply because we cannot explain them.  Eventually, we will meet someone who will break those happenings and concepts down to us, but we will already be familiar with the information, its just that we forgot about it.  But we also didn’t even realize that we forgot.


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