The Blue Pill Ø GodSpeedUniverse™

1.  Very similar to Jump In the Coffin Lit, the Blue Pill is a tool used around Agents of Chaos in order to keep yourself mummified in the HOODX jewels.  You are basically telling people what they want to hear.  This trait is great under the Tony Fabo Lit when you know their negative zodiac avatar as well as which HOODX Avatars they fall under.  The conversation should steer them in a positive direction, because they are not ready to hear the harsh reality of their fate.

2.  Chesed is loving, kindness that automatically stems from the heart.  It easily forgives and does not hold a historical record of CCDD that an Agent of Chaos might have done.  This is known as False History and is a gateway to Long Term Distraction.  This is why a balance between Chesed and Sacred Congruence is absolutely necessary when making a proper judgement.  The Blue Pill is the key to that balance.  The Blue Pill reminds you to “choose your  battles wisely.”  Sometimes it is better to use the Blue Pill and tell people what they want to hear, so you don’t have to sacrifice your Sacred Congruence.

3.  The Blue Pill includes laughing at jokes that are not funny, holding conversations that are of the lower self, and briefly participating in behavior that Agents of Chaos indulge in.  Keeping in mind that this is just a moment passing in time and there will be millions of other moments.  Don’t put your life on the line.

4.  The concept of the red and blue pill come from the film The Matrix.  Morpheus offers Neo a choice between a red and blue pill, which will either awaken him or put him back to sleep.  Neo chooses the red pill, which is the true reality.  Cipher, who was the ship’s engineer, told Agent Smith that he wish he had taken the blue pill so that he would not be awaken and exposed to the harsh reality of the matrix programming.  This example shows two complete opposite forms of thinking.  To assume that everyone wants and needs the red pill undermines the fact that many people prefer the many privileges that come along with the Matrix.    

5. SRC Lit is the notion that you might assume that everyone around you is just as awake as you are and they have already undergone resurrection of self.  This is not the case.  Using the blue pill when dealing with these types of people known as “sacred agents” can make the difference between a situation with a family member getting better or worse.  Remember that agents do not know that they are agents.

6.  The Blue Beam Lit is typically the focus of conversation when giving the blue pill.  Sticking to cliche conversations about what is happening on television are great ways to initiate the blue pill.  These people are known as automatons.  GodSpeedScience™


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