The Art of~Feeding The Birds~GodSpeedScience™

3ac094c3f8601d6012f8f2b79113a9ac copy1.  This Poematic ritual is a sacred chamber that is reserved for the higher gods who have mastered the Old Man Lit as well as other worldly dimensions of the Poematic Avatar.  The feeding of the local birds is a breakthrough form of communicating to the ether that you are thankful for your crown and that you are hardwired to the ether and asking for protection from ELF towers,blue beam energy, and other forms of CCDD.  According to the Old Man Lit, the birds bring peaceful vibrations that block out the negative frequencies that travel through the ether.

2.  The bird is considered holy in the HOODX Universe as well as many religions around the world.  The bird is the only creature that is naturally closest to the Most High.  By feeding the birds and changing their physical and emotional vibration, then sending those vibrations higher to the Most High, you are communicating Chesed to the ether as you build with the wind.

3.  Feeding the birds is supposed to be taken place when the sun is rising, which is known as the God Hour.  The Sun Up Sun Down Lit reminds you that the sun doesn’t move; we on earth are moving.  As darkness becomes light in the morning, the birds begin to chirp and look for food.  The early bird gets the worm.  By placing your avatar into this very fundamental relationship between the Most High, the sun, and the birds, you are poplocking the Poematic Avatar, which can take you past the vortex of terrain into parallel universes.

4.  Samson strength is best poplocked when using a combination of all of the HOODX Inception, however feeding the birds is what gives “grace”.  This small sacrifice of food is poplocking something much more higher than any words can describe, due to the Bastard Language Lit.  This type of sacred communication is reserved for those who have properly transcended parallel universes because this type of communication to the Most High transcends all forms of religious dogma as well as spiritual enlightenment. GodSpeedScience™   


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