SAHU NATION GodSpeedScience™

SAHU.jpgSun of Set nephew to Ausar,brother of Mason kin of Nekhebet cousin in Anubis built in Anubis ruled in the tenth sphere ‘’Sahu’’…Planet, Mars realm night dwelling place, the streets in darkness, hoods, clubs, parks, corners, weakness, automatic reaction DRONE. Touched by MKultra, eyes stay red…Mother was a pimp his father a hit man and the virtue of both produced Him… Mason was one thing but this nigga lost his mind.Sahu had low emotions close to no mc=square, no emotions was to be used in the teachings of his uncle Ausar termed {mummified state} aka {bullet proof vest} which was his strong point. His power lie in the fact by remanding calm in all situations he was able to posse mind over matter…MK Ultra took it a step further[ e pills] altering the law of motion. Born of Jamaica, Dalilha hung out with Sahu all the time, she had been unfaithful to Sampson…Sahu sold loud an quiet hemp oil by the pound he copied his cousin Pomoe art of hustle…Sahu sent forth judgment in broad day light…A new breed, the dna of Ausar had been breaded out and replaced with wave ultra 9…Smoke filled the room,N.W.A played…  Aka DRONE also none as send off men…….Built in 1994 they will do anything that comes to mind [dangerous],expiration date 16-27 years in the world, then deaf or jail rise upon them……


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